Thursday, December 27, 2012

Safety Steps at Saving the Blog Template

At every Edit , every blog template change or any other thing you done with your blogger template , you must follow this safety steps. If any thing goes wrong , your whole blog , time , money will be wasted. So keep in remember , always follow these steps.

At Editing a Code ( this is not a must )

Lets say you are going to Edit this code line.

Just separate that code from other lines and keep a comment to find it again easily.

* comments are kept by " /* your comment " format.

Now , in a later occasion you will be able to easily find your edited code.

At Saving ( This is a must )

After every edit you make just click on Preview and check whether all are OK.

If there is a error you will find dialog like this.

Read the error message very carefully and find out what is the error. If you can't understand it ,just press Clear Edits.

and now again press
Preview and check whether all are OK.

now if all are OK to you and for blogger ,


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