Tuesday, December 18, 2012

About CPS


Employees (Teachers) who have recruited on or after 01.09.2004 have to come under the New Contributory Pension Scheme. For this, the employees have to deduct 10% of their Basic Pay & D.A towards their contribution and Government will add the same amount to their accounts. D.A arrears and other arrears of these employees will be credited to the C S S (Compulsory Savings Scheme).

Now our State Government has entered into an agreement with N S D L (National Security Depositories Limited), Bombay to maintain PRAN accounts as Central Record Keeping Agendy ( C R A). Now, all the employees coming under the C P S have to apply for P R A N (Permanent Retirement Account Number) alloted & maintained by N S D L, Bombay. For this, N S D L has appointed KARVY Consultants as Facility Centre, and there are two Facility Centres 1. at Hyderabad and 2. at Visakhapatnam.
Here, GOs, Memos, Proceedings and relevant informatin on C P S are provided.


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