Sunday, December 30, 2012

LOOSE WEIGHT BY DRINKING WATER research suggests that water is an essential component of the human body. It helps in maintaining the balance of the body. Therefore if drank correctly it works miraculously in the process of loosing weight. Water increases the metabolism rate of the human body and helps in weight loss. Drink a glass of hot lemon water in the morning, this helps in loosing weight three times faster than simple exercising and thus helps to burn out large amount of calories from body. Consuming lots of water, fills up the stomach, thus it reduces appetite and cuts down on food intake. Water also helps in cleaning the body parts, by flushing out waste with the help of kidney.
Water helps in smooth functioning of the system and therefore it is essential for survival. Human body contains 65% of water. According to a research performed by the German scholars, they opine that water boosts the metabolism and burns extra calories in the body. The study has further claimed that a person who drinks about 1.5 liters of water everyday will loose some five pounds each year.
Objective of drinking water
  • Water fills up the stomach easily and give a feel of full stomach and eat less
  • Drinking plenty of water helps in flushing out the impurities of the body
  • Helps in smooth kidney operation
  • Boost up the metabolism system of the body
Loose weight by drinking water:
Drinking plenty of water, about 8 glasses per day helps in hydrating the body, boosts up body metabolism. Consuming lots of water helps in weight loss. Water allows the body to quickly burn the extra calories almost 3% faster than its normal process of burning. As said earlier, drink 8 glasses of water daily to maintain a healthy system. To maintain good health, always include glass of water in your daily diet.


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