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                      Yet another piece of a supernova remnant, never born, ever living, attained material form a couple of billion years ago, took the current form during the last century.
DNA File Name
Pavuluri Vikram – An Ancient Indian
Blogging, Thinking, Trekking, Science and Technology, Books, Gadgets, Playing-listening-composing Music.
Hate List
Wasting Time
Food habit
Vegetarian by chance and choice
Theme of Life
My favorite pastimes are investigating the functioning of this universe, searching for new knowledge, wandering in the midst of nature, listening, playing and composing music, etc.
I love Science. In fact, I live for science. For me, Science is like a beautiful girl who is both attractive and explorable. Attractive because I like what I know about her and explorable b'cos I know that I don’t know everything about her, which, nevertheless I would like to know.
Thanks to Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, life is quite interesting to me. If GOD grants me a wish, I would like to be a full time researcher, roaming the world and doing research on the unsolved mysteries of life and universe. But I also do understand that GOD helps only those who help themselves. So let me press F1 for myself. God gives us what we need, not what we want.
I love music. Music is what feelings sound like. My music past time includes not only listening to those longitudinal wave vibrations, but also composing and playing in my synthesizer. I listen to all kinds of music from old classicals, devotional, carnatic, hindusthani,  folk songs, etc in  Telugu, Hindi.
Enter Computers in my life, the power of this greatest technological product has had a tremendous influence on me. Only a powerful combination of computer chips and human brains can further our understanding of the universe. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are my favorites. Long live Asimov’s laws.
‘Do not tamper with Mother Nature’, Cries thy heart. ‘Genetics and Biotech is inevitable’, rules the brain. Bionic Man Shall Come.
Why should we go to tomorrow as everyday passes? Can’t we go back to yesterday? If that happens, will I meet another Me or will I end up in a parallel universe with a parallel history? While Quantum Mechanics preaches non-locality, General relativity points towards wormholes. Is time travel possible? Well, I do believe in believing things till they are disproved. If not, science would not have evolved from Aristotle to Hawking.
So, why do I have this website? Well, I badly needed a platform to share my views with the rest of the world, and the views of the rest of the world with me. Knowledge is infinite, knowing that we don't know is true knowing.

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  1. Namaste Puvuluri Vikramji,

    I came across your blog on some research. It is very thrilling to have come across a wonderful human being like you. With your permission, shall I use some of the information offered here. Also, given an opportunity, would like to talk to you as I have taken a sabbatical from work for a social cause.

    Please let me know if we could get introduced.

    Thank you,